We're bridging the gap between the traditional classroom and the capacities of today's tools with over 50 districts, 1,000 schools, and 1,000,000 students.


The Value of Network Membership


A Starting Point

Benchmarking is the first step in any change initiative. Through partnership with Modern Teacher, you'll develop goals and next steps around your district's unique vision for modern learning.


A Proven Framework

The Digital Convergence Framework provides your district with a data-driven methodology to effectively move toward your goals. Network Members progress through 7 Stages across 5 Drivers of the education system to optimize existing infrastructure and create the conditions to scale change.


Metrics for Success

Manage toward your goals based on measurable outcomes. Modern Teacher’s online platform delivers real-time guidance, information and performance analytics to district leadership as they progress through the 7 stages of Digital Convergence.


District-Wide Alignment to the New Intructional Model

Advancement through the Framework optimizes infrastructure to align teaching and learning with the core values of your district's new Instructional Model. Through our comprehensive content library and professional development platform, teachers can quickly reach a level of certification for the new environment.


Focus on Teacher Proficiency


Teachers progress through Modern Teacher Professional Learning Modules at their own path and pace. Different levels of micro-certifications are achieved as teachers acquire and apply their learning in the new instructional model.


Networking & Collaboration with Fellow District Leaders


Network Member Districts gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities for collaboration on solutions that represent best practices in the changing K-12 landscape.



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