Modern Teacher Sample PL Modules


Modern Teacher's Modules blend a range of learning experiences, from online interactions and games to private self-assessments and in-person coaching sessions. Explore the resources and samples below for an inside look at modern Professional Learning. 


Note, the above resources provide a small sampling and are not meant to represent the full scope of content or functionality available in Modern Teacher's platform; they do not include common elements of Modern Teacher's modules, such as discussions and micro-certifications. Only Modern Teacher's platform can tie the content together for a complete modern learning experience. 

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Connected Platform for Collaboration

In addition to the nationally-recognized Digital Convergence Framework for district leadership, Modern Teacher's platform provides a Professional Learning Framework for teachers, complete with tools to track progress and connect with educators nationwide. 


Personal Path & Pace

Modern Teacher Modules are broken down into bite-sized pieces, so teachers can progress through their own path and at their own pace. Different levels of micro-certifications are achieved as teachers acquire and apply their learning.

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Simple Statistics

The stats available in visual chart and graph formats throughout the platform allow teachers to easily track their progress and compare their growth to the average at their school, district, and more.

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Coaching Connection

Modules include built-in opportunities for discussion and collaboration at the cohort, school, district, and national levels. In addition to open forums, the platform also allows for private conversations with coaches for personalized feedback.