Axtell ISD Reaches Stage 3 of the Digital Convergence Framework

Axtell began their journey with a score of 1.2 on the Digital Convergence scale with Modern Curriculum taking the lead.  Axtell's Digital Convergence Strategy Officer, Lisette Casey, had her first day onsite in June of 2016. Over the course of the last 10 months, Lisette met with Axtell leadership onsite seven times and held several virtual check-ins.  The leadership team usually had "homework" in between strategy days as well. They will meet next in April with an additional eight staff members joining the Leadership Team to begin to tackle additional Success Indicators in Modern Curriculum. Axtell's progress across all drivers is described below.

The National Network is getting bigger!

We are excited to welcome three school districts to our National Network as they embark on the Digital Convergence journey to modern learning.Modern Teacher's National Network now consists of 46 districts and 893 schools, located throughout 13 states. This expansive and growing community of likeminded superintendents, educational leaders, and educators allows school districts across the country to benefit from collaboration like we've never yet seen. Not only do all our districts and members add substantial value, they find their shared insights and experiences complimentary, informative, and indispensable.