More new enhancements are available - thanks again for the feature requests!

  • SI Manage Bar Colors: All areas of the manage bar at the top of the SI now change colors. The status and Work Product areas already changed, but now the SI Owner and SI Team areas turn green when users are assigned to the SI. The Due Date also turns green when the date is in the future or when the SI is Complete. The date turns red when it's in the past, and yellow if it's in the coming week.
  • Remove Owners: You can now remove existing SI Owners and Task Owners without replacing them with a new user. If you have the permissions, you can click the "Remove Owner" button below their name in the SI or Task.
  • Work Product Update: SI Work Products now appear with their own filter in the SI Resource section of each SI, making it easier to find Work Products shared by other districts.
  • Drag/Drop Logo & Banner: You can now add your district's logo and banner image on the District Management Brand page via drag/drop, and you can remove the existing images without replacing them.