Modern Teacher partners with some of the nation's most innovative K-12 school districts - forward-thinking leaders who want to keep pace with the accelerated rate of technological advancement. Our proprietary Digital Convergence Framework provides the national standard for implementing personalized learning at scale to redesign existing infrastructure and support modern learning, all while growing a National Network of district leadership dedicated to advancing the industry. 


Progress through the 7 Stages of Digital Convergence.

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Stages 1 - 3

The first three Stages are all about a cultural shift toward a bold vision for the modern learning environment. Existing infrastructure is optimized, creating the conditions for implementing modern learning across the organization.

Stages 4 - 7

Changes manifest in the classroom and refine over time as teachers become proficient in the Instructional Model.

Advance to Stage 3 in 12-18 months. 

Advance past the national average and keep pace with some of the country's most innovative school districts. Once your district starts to work through the Digital Convergence Framework in partnership with Modern Teacher, you can expect to reach Stage 3 in 12-18 months. At this Stage, your existing infrastructure will be redesigned, creating the optimal conditions for implementing personalized learning at scale. From here, your district will be ready to start implementing changes at the classroom level.

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Cultural Shift to Stage 2

Advancing to Stage 2 is all about establishing the values that your district foresees in the future ideal classroom. What are the core values that your district leadership wants to see in its future classrooms? These values will become the foundation for your Instructional Model from which you will develop your Modern Curriculum and align your Digital Ecosystem in later stages of the Framework. 

Cultural Shift to Stage 3

Advancing to Stage 3 is all about defining and developing the instructional proof in the classroom that reflect your Instructional Model components; what are you looking for, what are you listening for? In other words, how would you like to see your unique Instructional Model manifest in the classroom? These queues are going the form the backbone of your Professional Learning. 

How does success in the framework
translate to success in the classroom?


How does your district measure up? 

The first step of any change initiative is benchmarking. Find out where your district stands in less than one minute by using our Digital Convergence Framework Scoring Tool. After completion, you will receive custom insights via email about your district's current progress toward Digital Convergence as well as next steps. 

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