June 2017

Modern Teacher Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Mike Walls shares his personal story of progress that began with stepping outside his comfort zone when an administrator at his high school encouraged him to take ownership in his own academic career.

June 12, 2017

Modern Teacher President Talks Change Management to Scale Modern Learning in K-12 on Tasty Trade

Dr. Smith appeared on Tasty Trade's Bootstrapping in America to discuss the infrastructure redesign necessary to transform classrooms and leverage today's tools at the district level. The Digital Convergence approach to transitioning traditional classrooms to modern learning environments is rapidly affecting K-12 education across the United States.

The Insights
The standard K-12 classroom that we see today in our country was born over a century ago and aligned with the most current resources of that time. Technology, educational resources, and pedagogic theory have since come a long way, but this accelerated rate of advancement is leaving the traditional classroom behind; a re-vision and re-design is imperative if we want to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom of the 20th Century and capacities of today's tools. First, districts must create the conditions for change by facilitating a cultural shift toward the vision of the modern classroom. This requires a unique approach to the way the core components of school districts work together and inform one another: Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, and Professional Learning.  

The Publication and Spread of the Insights
Dr. Smith's latest work, The New Agenda: Achieving Personalized Learning Through Digital Convergence, outlines the aforementioned cultural shift that is critical to scaling change. Since the publication of the book in February, Dr. Smith and Modern Teacher have held numerous leadership forums, both regionally and nationally, to deliver these insights to district leadership and give school districts across the country a starting point for creating a strong vision of the modern learning environment. 

The Uptake of the Insights into Practice 
Modern Teacher's National Network now spans over 50 school districts from across the United States, representing over 1,000 schools. The more Modern Teacher Network members utilize our cloud-based Platform to design and manage modern learning environments at the district level, the more data-driven insights we are able to glean about the specific work foci within a single district as well as trends across the country, giving us a “birds-eye-view” of the shape of change for this imperative work. This data-driven advantage has allowed Modern Teacher to leverage strategy behind innovative pedagogy with science through benchmarking, data analysis, and diagnostics at both the district and national levels.

May 5, 2018

Dr. Shawn K. Smith Delivers Keynote at Michigan's Tri-County Alliance Spring Conference. 

The Tri-County Alliance is a coalition of education leaders committed to fighting for strong K-12 schools in Michigan. The Alliance invited Modern Teacher president Dr. Shawn K. Smith to deliver the keynote, where he explored some of his latest insights outlined in his recent publication The New Agenda. Dr. Smith urges the following critical components to driving systemic change in K-12 education:

  • Expose the forces that make up our education systems which have historically been invisible. When we can measure the focus of work within our districts, we can begin to manage it. 
  • K-12 Education must acclimate to the exponential rate of change of technological advancement in order to leverage today's tools. This requires a cultural shift to create the conditions for sustainable technology adoption. 
  • Digital Convergence conceptually creates the optimal conditions for implementing modern, student-centered instruction at scale by a) considering how each key component of the education system informs the others, and b) providing measurable outcomes from which to glean insights about the shape of change. 

JANUARY 30, 2017

New Book Uncovers Path to Personalized Learning for Educational Leaders

Best-selling author and President of Modern Teacher, Dr. Shawn K. Smith provides superintendents and educational leaders a practical approach to transform teaching and learning for the 21st Century in his new book The New Agenda: Achieving Personalized Learning Through Digital Convergence.

NOVEMBER 2, 2016

New National Council on Digital Convergence Forms, Releases 'State of the Industry' Report

Recently, THE Journal interviewed Modern Teacher's President, Shawn Smith, about the newly formed National Council on Digital Convergence and their recently released State of the Industry Report. Read the article to learn more about the #DigitalConvergence movement happening across the nation.

OCTOBER 25, 2016

Modern Teacher is a certified Great Place to Work

The independent analysts at Great Place to Work certified Modern Teacher as a great workplace. Modern Teacher earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys. Results revealed that 100% of surveyed employees reported feeling a sense of community pride in their work. 

NOVEMBER 30, 2015

Modern Teacher Announces Strategic Partnership with SERRC, Alaska’s Educational Resource Center, to Digitize Culturally-Responsive Curriculum

Modern Teacher announced one of its most innovative partnerships to date, with SERRC - Alaska’s Educational Resource Center - to provide a research-based methodology for PreK-12 Digital Convergence in education. The proprietary methodology addresses a technology adoption crisis in America’s classrooms by focusing on the entire school system and its interrelated parts.

NOVEMBER 30, 2015

Partnership with Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Michigan to bring Digital Convergence to PreK-12 Education

Modern Teacher announced its newest partner, Washtenaw Intermediate School District in Michigan, to provide a research-based methodology for PreK-12 Digital Convergence in education. The proprietary methodology addresses a technology adoption crisis in America’s classrooms by focusing on the entire school system and its interrelated parts.

NOVEMBER 16, 2015

CREC and Modern Teacher Partnership Supports the Work of K12 Digital Convergence

CREC and Modern Teacher partner to offer Connecticut school districts a platform for teaching and learning in the digital world.

NOVEMBER 13, 2015

U.S. Department of Education recognizes Modern Teacher for leading Digital Convergence in Delaware

Delaware’s BRINC districts collaborate to personalize learning for all students. Teachers blend online and in-person instruction to engage students and increase college and career readiness.

APRIL 28, 2015

Charles Fred Interviews Sal Khan on the Future of Video

Charles Fred, Modern Teacher CEO, interviews Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, on the future of video in the workplace. In addition to CEO, Charles Fred is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, and public speaker devoted to discovering new ways for professionals to acquire skills necessary to compete in today’s knowledge-thirsty economy. He asks Sal for his thoughts about how enterprises can best prepare for visual and collaborative learners in the workplace.

APRIL 10, 2015

Shawn Smith Appears on Tasty Trade’s Bootstrapping in America

Shawn Smith, Modern Teacher President, makes an appearance on Tasty Trade’s Bootstrapping in America on April 10th, 2015. On Bootstrapping in America, Tom Sosnoff & Tony Battista interview today's most influential entrepreneurs. From up & coming talent to established successes, Tom & Tony celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.

APRIL 1, 2015

Modern Teacher and digedu Merge

Chicago-Based education companies, Modern Teacher and digedu, merge to innovate ways to support digital transformation in the classroom.