Modern Teacher and digedu Merge

APRIL 1, 2015

CHICAGO – April 2, 2015 – Today Modern Teacher®, an educational professional services company pioneering digital convergence in the classroom, announced its merger with digedu Enterprises LLC, a leading provider of digital learning ecosystems, including the Lesson EngineTM and Classroom Cloud® products. Both Chicago-based companies, the union builds on each organization’s rich heritage and proven track record of innovating new ways that the education space and today’s digital world integrate.

Retaining the name Modern Teacher, the new organization will offer a continuum of products and services targeted for maximum impact on the instructional core — where the student, teacher, and content intersect. “This is our sweet spot,” said Dr. Shawn K. Smith, president of Modern Teacher. “We are building a bold, ambitious solution to transform our current model of education by changing the end-user experience for teachers and students. A re-imagined instructional core binds today’s teachers, 21st century students, and digital content options into a personalized learning solution that truly transforms the K-12 classroom experience.”

“The merger with Modern Teacher is a game-changer,” said Charles Fred, formerly digedu CEO and now CEO of the new Modern Teacher. “They provide matchless expertise with district-level strategy for teaching effectiveness in a digital environment; coupled with the digedu technology, we can truly improve student engagement and achievement.” Modern Teacher will continue to be headquartered in Chicago and has employees supporting customers throughout the U.S.

About Modern Teacher

Modern Teacher is an educational media company designed to support teachers and maximize teaching effectiveness in the digital world. It powers the digital classroom by bringing its technology, classroom and leadership experience together around three core competencies: producing innovative professional development content for the modern classroom, developing a revolutionary professional development platform and providing a range of customer professional development services for schools and districts.

About digedu

digedu partners with schools and districts to deliver a comprehensive technology program that meaningfully enhances teaching and learning. With digedu, learning experiences are personalized, interactive, and measurable, and can be delivered on any device, anytime, anywhere. Based on school needs and academic goals, digedu creates a digital learning ecosystem that includes intelligent software, the latest mobile devices, implementation and support services, and a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi infrastructure, the Classroom Cloud®. The Lesson EngineTM, our cloud-based platform, allows teachers to individualize instruction, promote mastery, and unlock the potential of every student.