Modern Teacher President Talks Change Management
to Scale Modern Learning in K-12 Education

Dr. Smith appeared on Tasty Trade's Bootstrapping in America in to share the rapid effect that Digital Convergence has had and continues to have on the K-12 industry across the United States. 

The Need

The standard K-12 classroom that we see today in our country was born over a century ago and aligned with the most current resources of that time. Technology, educational resources, and pedagogic theory have since come a long way, but this accelerated rate of advancement is leaving the traditional classroom behind; a re-vision and re-design is imperative if we want to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom of the 20th Century and capacities of today's tools.   

The Solution

Through partnership with Modern Teacher, our nation's most innovative districts are making huge strides toward scaling modern learning by: 

  1. Setting a bold vision for the modern learning environment

  2. Catalyzing a cultural shift toward the bold vision

  3. Progressing toward the vision to create the optimal conditions for scaling change

The Impact

Modern Teacher's National Network now spans over 50 school districts from across the United States, representing over 1,000 schools. Utilization in the Modern Teacher's Platform creates a vantage of the "shape of change" like the industry has not yet seen, allowing us to leverage our innovative pedagogic strategy with science through benchmarking, data analysis, and diagnostics at both the district and national levels.

Digital Convergence creates a path toward implementing Personalized Learning Environments in all classrooms.

What is Digital Convergence?

At the district level, Digital Convergence is the successful intersection of five core Drivers of the education system—Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, and Professional Learning. The Digital Convergence Framework provides a roadmap for districts to redesign existing infrastructure and resources to support and execute their vision for the modern learning environment.


How does Digital Convergence provide value?

Digital Convergence provides long-term, sustainable value by preventing solutions from becoming obsolete for failing to integrate with any one part of the education system. Beginning with Leadership, districts progress through 7 Stages across the 5 Drivers of the Digital Convergence Framework to implement modern learning environments at scale. This progression necessitates a cultural shift to create the optimal conditions for scaling change, after which results begin to manifest in the classroom and remain resilient and agile to future changes and advancements.

Ready to join the nation's most innovative districts
implementing modern learning at scale?

Modern Teacher partners with forward-thinking districts dedicated to collectively advancing the industry while singularly transforming their district's traditional classrooms into modern learning environments. Are you ready to set a bold vision for the modern learning environment? Are you ready to execute that bold vision? Contact us, we'll get you started on the Digital Convergence journey to modern learning at scale.

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