Modern Teacher's National Network represents the individual collective work of Digital Convergence across the country to give innovative educational leaders the united voice needed to move K-12 education into the future. The National Network is designed to create a forum for community, collaboration, and consensus as districts navigate the transition to modern learning facing common goals and challenges. 

From the Alaskan Islands to Baltimore County, members have the ability to explore the work of all districts in the National Network through Modern Teacher's online platform. Districts can access useful information about other members, such as their location and helpful demographic information, Digital Convergence Framework Stage, Success Indicator completion and activity, Professional Learning progress, and Key Strategic Milestones. Drawing from these diverse experiences and Stages in the Framework creates traction and builds momentum to transition the traditional classroom to modern learning environments at scale.



The interactive Map displays all school districts in the National Network and allows you to easily access key district information.


The List view allows you to leverage the information housed in the Network in a variety of ways with extensive sorting capabilities. 


The Portfolio feature allows you to showcase Key Strategic Milestones along you Digital Convergence journey.

District Portfolios

The Modern Teacher platform overall is designed to give districts the tools and methodology they need to increase organizational alignment toward a unified vision for modern learning. District Portfolios consolidate a district's success metrics and translate them to key work products that exemplify the organizational and instructional proof of transformation to scale.


The highest level metric represents an entire district or organizations progress toward modern learning at scale.

Framework Stage

Key descriptive and demographic information both reflect and inform a district's progress over time.


User count and activity reflect the specific work that contributes to Framework advancement.


Professional Learning metrics indicate teacher proficiency in the new instructional model and act as the tether between organizational realignment and actual classroom transformation.

PL Micro-Certifications


Work products give districts tangible evidence that correspond with the critical Success Indicators of the Digital Convergence Framework.

Key Strategic Milestones

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