Screenshot 2016-08-22 13.55.54 We’ve had several inquiries as to what the Modern Teacher Leadership Forum page on our website was all about, so we thought we’d take a minute to explain the concept and explore the content you would encounter should you attend a Leadership Forum.

Leadership Forums on Digital Convergence are 2.5 day excursions in which district and school leaders from all over the country come together to discuss some of the most compelling questions we face today around educational innovation. Districts all over the nation are addressing similar questions from their local communities and school boards. Attending a Leadership Forum provides leaders the opportunity to collaborate around potential solutions to these questions that represent best practices in teaching and learning.

We’ve divided the 2.5 days into a series of sessions where you’ll explore, in detail, the fundamental changes K-12 school systems are undergoing as they begin to shift from traditional classrooms toward modern learning environments. We’ll take a close look at how districts are beginning to leverage Digital Convergence to make this transition, as well as examine some of the challenges districts face when employing single point solutions instead of a system-wide approach.

You’ll hear stories from the field about how others are thinking through these complex yet game-changing opportunities and have the chance to learn more about the Modern Teacher Digital Convergence Framework. This framework, developed in partnership with the National Council on Digital Convergence, outlines the Stages and Drivers of Digital Convergence. We’ll share our implementation model and our comprehensive set of processes, tools, content, and resources available to support the work of Digital Convergence.

Recognizing that innovative conversation requires rest, we’ve sprinkled in some “me-time” throughout the forum so that you can explore the venue, go for a walk or a run, see some local sites, or simply relax in your own private space. You’ll have the chance to debrief the conversations of the day with new colleagues and friends during several late afternoon networking hours and enjoy delicious meals throughout the day, served up by some of the greatest chefs in the area.

We figure the best way to learn about and discuss innovative ideas in education is to bring interested leaders together in a stress-free environment away from work. In a sense, it’s Modern Teacher’s way of recalling the great era of salons that occurred during the early decades of the 20th century. Our Leadership Forums are meant to foster this type of social gathering around new ideas and intellectual conversation. We hope you’ll take the time to submit a request to attend one of our upcoming forums.

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