Modern Teacher’s Digital Convergence Framework is guiding districts nationwide in the transition from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. Districts like Baltimore County Public Schools, MD, Colonial School District, DE, and Fraser Public Schools, MI are sharing their messages on how these changes are supporting their teachers and students, but how are they managing this innovative and impactful work? The answer lies not only in the framework, but also in Modern Teacher’s Digital Convergence Platform, accessible via While the framework guides districts through the 7 Stages of Digital Convergence, the platform organizes these efforts into an intuitive online system for collaboration and task management.

DCF Page

Modern Teacher’s Digital Convergence platform allows districts to track their completion of Success Indicators directly within the framework. These Success Indicators (or SIs) are actionable steps that guide the district through Digital Convergence. The platform seamlessly organizes and updates these markers of progress.


In addition to the interactive framework, the platform includes a customizable Dashboard, shown above, that tracks the district’s progress on their unique goals. Every district will move through the framework differently, and having a tool to set and manage goals allows districts to decide when and where to focus their efforts. The platform is flexible to accommodate each district’s individual pathway through Digital Convergence, displaying data only for the Success Indicators relevant to the district.

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Within each Success Indicator, Modern Teacher provides a description and set of resources to help districts get started with the work. As districts decide how to approach each piece of the framework, the platform allows them to break each SI into smaller, manageable tasks with individual owners, as shown in the Tasks section above. These task-management tools, in conjunction with the platform’s customizable notifications system, keep everyone up to date on team progress.

SI View_Bottom

But perhaps the most valuable component of the platform lies in its collaboration tools. Features like a live News Feed and SI-specific Discussion Boards connect each user with Modern Teacher’s National Network. While the platform offers a range of privacy settings, users who opt in to the collaboration features can message others within their district, or across districts nationwide, to discuss and partner on the work of Digital Convergence.

From providing the resources to get started, the task-management tools to get organized, and the social features to get connected, Modern Teacher’s Digital Convergence Platform offers everything a district needs to progress through their unique Digital Convergence journey.

Want to get started? Contact us for a demo, or complete our Digital Convergence Assessment to see your district’s current stage in the framework. The Modern Teacher Team is excited to get to know you!