Celebrating accomplishments is an important indicator of success for all organizations; that's why it's a key piece both embedded in the Modern Teacher Digital Convergence Framework and within the culture of our organization. Recently, we have completed the publishing of a white paper on the topic of Digital Convergence and are pleased to make it available for download to the public.  This is an important step in building awareness and growing the movement of Digital Convergence, and we're happy to celebrate it!

Whitepaper Cover

To begin to reshape the nation’s schools and move toward student ownership of learning through the eyes of Digital Convergence, we needed to provide an entry point to the conversation. We thought a white paper was the perfect venue to define Digital Convergence and to identify the barriers organizations may encounter as they shift their focus from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. We also wanted to provide the public with a solution-oriented path toward a successful transition to modern learning environments via our Digital Convergence Framework.

Modern Teacher’s whitepaper explores Digital Convergence – a fundamental, systemic change occurring in K-12 schools across the nation as they transition from traditional to modern learning environments. Download the whitepaper to learn more about technology’s disruption of K-12 education and the five crucial drivers that ensure digital solutions provide measurable and sustainable value for students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders. The whitepaper provides essential lessons for all administrators seeking to advance their school districts.

The publishing of this white paper is a celebrated win for Modern Teacher. We are committed to moving the work of Digital Convergence forward, and building awareness is the first step. The good news is that there are school districts throughout the nation who are following this path and making great strides in transforming teaching and learning to meet the needs of modern learners. We hope you will become one of them.

After reading our white paper, we hope you will take the assessment to discover how your school, district, or organization measures up in Digital Convergence. Your assessment report will provide you with an overall stage and detailed data to identify your unique starting point in the Digital Convergence journey.