Modern Teacher's National Leadership Forums bring together the most innovative district leaders from across the country to collaborate on implementing modern learning at scale.

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What People are saying about our Leadership Forums

The Modern Teacher Leadership Forum provided an opportunity to connect and network with district leadership from across the country around the challenges of Digital Convergence. This thoughtful experience provided the time and space for professional discourse on the future of education, ultimately nudging the group into action.
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Attending a Modern Teacher Leadership Forum provides educational service agencies, like SERRC, a valuable opportunity to network outside of our community. Supporting our schools in this shift toward 21st century instructional design and Digital Convergence is critical. Learning from Modern Teacher and like organizations from around the country on a platform to dialogue and debate this work has proven to be invaluable.
The Modern Teacher Leadership Forum helped shape my vision of how digital learning can support and align with what is happening in today’s classrooms. As a participant, I had the opportunity to learn from others in the group and share success stories as we plan for the future in our districts.
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