Digital Convergence Provides a
Pathway to Personalized Learning at scale.


At the district level, Digital Convergence is the successful intersection of five core Drivers of the education system—Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, and Professional Learning. The Digital Convergence Framework provides a roadmap for districts to redesign existing infrastructure and resources to support and execute their vision for the modern learning environment.

How does Digital Convergence provide value?

Digital Convergence provides long-term value to a school district by preventing solutions from becoming obsolete or fragmented by failing to integrate with any one part of the education system. Beginning with Leadership, districts progress through 7 Stages across the 5 Drivers of the Digital Convergence Framework. This progression necessitates a cultural shift toward a district's vision for the modern learning environment to create the optimal conditions for scaling change, after which results begin to manifest in the classroom and refine over time as teachers become proficient in the instructional model. 



The Digital Convergence Framework guides districts through seven Stages across five drivers. Districts begin with a self-assessment to determine their starting point and work in partnership with Modern Teacher to progress through their customized path toward Digital Convergence. Your district will track progress against our success indicators and your own customized metrics.  


The Framework is housed in a cloud-based Platform that connects administrators, principals and teachers with the strategy, know-how and metrics to effectively move a district toward its goals. Administrators collaborate and track district progress, while teachers engage with a series of professional learning experiences with personalized and blended coaching in each district. 


Strategy Sessions leverage your district leadership team to create a personalized Digital Convergence plan. Your plan is continually supported by Modern Teacher Concierge Services, including conference calls, webinars, and account management to ensure success. Instructional Coaches or Lead Teachers receive additional training to help support all teachers.