At the district level, Digital Convergence is the successful intersection of five core Drivers of the education system—Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, and Professional Learning. The Digital Convergence Framework provides a roadmap for districts to redesign existing infrastructure and resources to support and execute their vision for the modern learning environment.


How does Digital Convergence provide value?

Digital Convergence prevents solutions from becoming obsolete or fragmented for failing to integrate with any one part of the education system. Beginning with Leadership, districts progress through 7 Stages across the 5 Drivers of the Digital Convergence Framework to implement modern learning environments at scale. This progression optimized existing infrastructure to create the conditions for scaling change, after which results begin to manifest in the classroom and refine over time as teachers become proficient in the instructional model. 

Progress through the 7 Stages of Digital Convergence.

Stages 1 - 3

The first three Stages are all about a cultural shift toward a bold vision for the modern learning environment. Existing infrastructure is optimized, creating the optimal conditions for implementing modern learning across the organization.

Stages 4 - 7


Changes manifest in the classroom and refine over time as teachers become proficient in the Instructional Model.


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Meet Andy Pridgeon.

Prior to my current work as Vice President of Network Membership at Modern Teacher,  I was a middle school professional educator for 21 years and worked closely with professional teachers aligning customized professional development. I began my career as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher and have served as a middle school athletic director, assistant principal and most recently as a lead principal for 15 years.

I take great pride in having led a one-to-one initiative within my middle school and providing high engagement instructional techniques for the professional staff. I strongly believe in developing the leadership capacity of teachers and empowering them to be primary decision makers regarding the objectives, goals and trajectory of a school building and district. 

I love connecting with like-minded leaders engaged in the work of transformation, and I would love to learn more about your district's current initiatives, goals, and next steps. Use the option below to schedule a call at a time that works best for you, or contact me directly at